Vehicle Auto Gate solution(SECURITY AUTOMATION)

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- High speed identification of tag behind windshield
- Conditional identifications when vehicles enter
reading field
- Tag installation in the central location of windshields.
NB - necessity with the athermic windshields.

System spec.
1.Equipped with RFID long range transponder for
vehicle management system
2.Equipped with remote controller and JT series
controller for system intergration
3.Real time imagine capture system for record and
query vehicle plate imagine easily
4.Equipped with charging system for manamge
vehicle exit/entry times
5.Vehicle group limit system and vehicle can not
in under park space full
6.Can send message or make a phone call to
inform user charging automatically

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  1. Long range: easily read within 10 meters. Due to the practical need of Access control, the reading range should not be too long. Users have not to approach the reader or pass through the appointed area to be detected by the reader. The identifying process is full automatic, which can avoid the problem that driver must open the window to punch the card in bad weathers. This advantage can effectively relieve the jam caused by massive entering and exiting vehicles in rash hours.
  2. Stable running: active cards have stable reading range and not influent by the environment. Moreover, active cards can effectively avoid the shielding effect of the vehicles’ anti-explosion metal net, exchanging data with the reader successfully.
  3. High speed data exchange between reader and tags, the speed of readable cards can reach 200km/hours.
  4. Bi-directional High speed data exchange between detector and receiver
  5. High reliability, working temperature -40~85 centigrade, waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.
  6. Anti-jamming capability, tolerance of interfering sources at the scene
  7. free ISM microwave frequency band, no need to apply and pay
  8. 8.  Ultra-low power consumption, safer and healthier

    How it works

    For Vehicle Access there are two types of standard solutions; Work alone or Networked.

    Work alone

    The reader operates stand-alone, i.e. tags are read and the reader makes decisions depending on the tag ID, I/O events (e.g. ground loop) and time. The reader can also control barriers using its I/O control features.
    rfid all in one solution

Networked Control:

Connectivity between the reader and the control unit can be provided in a number of ways: 
- Wiegand/Magstripe interconnection (for easy integration with access systems)
- RS485 (multi-drop for customized networks)
- Radio modems (for long distances where cable installation is difficult)

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