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Friendship Forever. Enjoy Mid-Autumn Day Together!
"Every festive holiday times", the Mid-Autumn festival is always affects the heartstrings of the wanderer`s homesickness. In order to let the employees feel to the company`s warm caring and reducing the working pressure, enhancing the friendship among employees, JUTAI hold the BBQ party, with big surprise by colleagues of all kinds of "performance" brought .
mid autumn festival activity
In the morning of 26th, Sept , the BBQ party be hold in time; To do a good job in this activity, every staff cooperate with each other, careful prepare, let every employee in the collective experience of happiness. Mr-Alan, SHENZHEN JUTAI general manager also join together with every staff for The Mid-Autumn festival celebration.
Major's humanistic care is a kind of company `s survival; Showing a healthy image and infinite vitality, shining a trust, harmony and harmonious ; In offer certain economic and material incentive to employees at the same time, the enterprise will also receive employee feedback - the identity !

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