jutaiParking Management System

Model:automatic parking system facilities
parking systemJTPM-800 Parking system Character:

PM-800CEN is an Entry Terminal used in JUTAI Center Charge parking system. It supports Mifare card as parking tickets and provides a fast and easy entrance control of a parking facility. In case of network disconnection, it can still be operated under stand-alone mode; offline data will be saved and then sent back to Central Management Server after network reconnected.

Standard specs:
● Motorized Mifare IC card reader/writer/dispenser/collector: Contactless read/write mechanism.
Ticket capacity: 350 tickets.
● Embedded Linux system control board.
● Isolated digital I/O control board.
● 4 words LED display with 305mm*75mm /4 and half words LED display with 345mm*75mm LED display screen.
● Multimedia speaker.
● Sub-intercom device.
● Flexible application and compatible with IC card and ID card;
● Work with RFID Long range parking reader for hands free and fast entry/exit;
●Cabinet: Cold-roll steel sheets with 1.2mm-1.5mm.
●Surface treatment: Unoil-Rust remove-Acid wash- Polish- dust removal- Polyester powder coating- Baking paint for metal in high temperature.
●Alarm monitoring and control: Real time alarm monitoring and alert to the Central Management Server.
●Alarm types: cabinet intrusion/collision, ticket Back-out and stolen tickets information are sent to Central Management Server as blacklist.

parking systemJTPM-900 Parking system Character:

PM-900 Smart parking management control broad is for working with our smart parking management system software, it is a stable, easy to use and multi-functional intelligent parking lot control panel; we learned the advantages of the existing products on the market, improve the defect, and add a lot of useful new features .PM-900 smart parking control broad has integrate IC card system, vehicle license plate recognition system, and barcode ticket system, and for the different application we can provide special custom functions. Providing a set of convenient installation, convenient use, small amount of maintenance intelligent parking lot management system.

Parking Management Barcode Ticket Main Feature
 All imports of electronic components with stable work status
 High speed TCP/IP interface,fast communication speed
 Can connect to the WAN cloud server for long range remote control.
 Three channels loop detector input,checking the vehicle type in real time,issuer card or print ticket according to vehicle different vehicle type.
 Three channels push button input,do the different operation according to different button
 Two channels barrier gate with isolation control, and which can control two barrier gate open or close synchronously.
 Two channels barrier gate feedback with isolation input,and which can detect two unit barrier open/close status.
 Two channels card dispenser/collector interface,which can connect to two units card dispenser/collector interface
 Exit/entry terminal can use barcode ticket and period card.

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