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Model:JTLD-100 gate loop detector
Parking vehicle counter Features:

 Supply 240VAC
 Adjustable sensitivity (16 levels via a trimpot)
 2 x Relay outputs (each can be configured individually)
 Power up and loop activation LED indicator.
 Industry standard 11-way plug-in type circular connector.

Loop detectors in recent years have become a popular tool having innumerable applications in policing, right
from surveillance operations to traffic control. Automation of gates and doors has become a popular usage of the
loop detector.

Gate Loop Detector Specifications:
Supply Voltage
LD-100:85-240VAC (50Hz)
Power Consumption
Max. 6VA
Loop Inductance
Frequency Rang
20-80 kHz
ΔL 0.01% to 2.56% with 16 Selectable Levels
Loop Lead
Operating/no load current principle adjustable via switch
Signal Period, Impulse Time
Response Time
8~80 ms

Detector position and installation
 Install the detector in a weatherproof housing.
 The detector should be as close to the sensing loop as possible.
 The detector should always be installed away from strong magnetic fields.
 Avoid running high voltage wires near the loop detectors.
 Do not install the detector on vibrating objects.
 When the control box is installed within 10 metres of the loop, normal wires can be used to connect the
control box to the loop. More than 10 metres requires the use of a 2 core shielded cable. Do not exceed
30 metres distance between control box and loop.

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