Model:JTTR-5 RFID long range reader with rfid Activator
Hand free reader Character:

Functional Properties:
1.LC concussion laucher with 125Khz rfid activator
2.waking up rfid tags
3.Reading distance can be adjustable
4.Function setting freely
5.Differeent address code for avoding interference via a standard interface.

Technical Parameter:
Power supply:DC12V/3A
Work frequency:125KHz
Working temp:﹣20 degree to 85 degree
125K Trigging range:5-10M(in the air)
Reading range: 80M in maximum
Receiver sensitivity: -90dBm
Low power remind:relay output
COM interface:RS485/wiegan
Case Colour:Grey

Product Application:
Entry and Exit intelligent management parking system
RFID access control system,
Non-stop counting system for vehicle
Non-stop Attendance system for bus
Army,Prison,family-school system
personnel location system

Work with:RFID tags.
Middle range reader instead of tradition access control

Keyword:Microwave Reader,2.45G transceiver,RF Tag,Active Tag,Passive Tag