Model:JTLD-106 vehicle loop detector manufacturers(USA Connect)
traffic vehicle analysis Features:

 Supply 240VAC
 Adjustable sensitivity (16 levels via a trimpot)
 2 x Relay outputs (each can be configured individually)
 Power up and loop activation LED indicator.
 Industry standard 11-way plug-in type circular connector.

The digital technology of the loop detector enables the equipment to sense a change in the inductance of the
loop as soon as it detects the metal object in its path.
The inductive loop which detects the object is made of
insulated electrical wire (32/020; 32 Strand, 2mm
diameter) and is arranged either as a square or
rectangle shape.
The loop consists of several loops of wire and consideration
should be giving to the loop sensitivity when installing on different surfaces. Setting the correct sensitivity allows the loop to operate with maximum detection (16 levels via a trimpot). When detection occurs, the detector energises 2 relays for the output (each can be configured individually). This energising of the relay can be configured into different modes, by selecting the respective dip switch.

Traffic vehicle loop detector manufacturers Specifications:
Supply Voltage
LD-105:85-240VAC (50Hz)
Power Consumption
Max. 6VA
Loop Inductance
Frequency Rang
20-80 kHz
ΔL 0.01% to 2.56% with 16 Selectable Levels
Loop Lead
work temperature
-40 to + 70 ℃
Operating/no load current principle adjustable via switch
Signal Period, Impulse Time
Response Time
8~80 ms
USA 11-pin connect

Single channel traffic vehicle detection troubleshooting:



If the detector is not working

Press reset

If red led indicator is not fully lit

Check for power supply

If green led

Blinks slowly

It maybe because the loop is short circuit or the no: of turns is not enough.

Blinks faster

It maybe because the loop is open or the no: of turns is too many.

If no: of turns is not enough

Lower the frequency (if the frequency is still too high, you must add more turns).

If no: of turns is too many

Higher the frequency (if the frequency is still too low, you must remove some turns).










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