jutaiSolution---Automatic parking facilities with Card

Automatic parking facilities with Card
Center payment system.
ARM architecture technology built. Communication with the central management server takes place via a connection to the network with a TCP/IP communications protocol. Each event is monitored in real time and sent to the management server.
Large Shopping Mall is a place where many shops and brands gathered, provide comfortable and quick parking lot experience is a very important aspect of improving service and increasing passenger flow volume of shops, and the spending power of motorists are stronger than other customers, so how to provide a high efficiency, security and stability parking lot is very important for the customer, and the parking lot is the place where gives them first impression and last impression, so choosing what kind of parking equipment for the operation of the whole Shopping Mall has the extremely important influence.

The Whole system include 3 parts:

1.Entrance parts.
2.Exit Parts
3.Charge Centre

The system highlight:

It can store, modify or query information by Chinese or English version .

The software also can be edit to customers own language.

Connecting the controller to PC directly, execute control commands and transmit parameter by the keyboard and mouse , it’s easy for management staff to grasp all the information.

Easy for setting system time, buffer time and parking rates, and it can be transmitted to devices through the network.

Monitoring equipment status and the condition of parking space remaining through network.

Parking automatic facilities with IC/ID card

The System Parts:
long range parking access controller1Long Range Parking Reader
JT PR-2S It is long range reader for parking control
Read distance:1-15M adjust
The card can't be copy.
entrance terminal2Car parking management
PM-800CEN is an Entry Terminal. It supports Mifare card as parking tickets and provides a fast and easy entrance control of a parking facility.

dvr-ip-camera3IP Video Camera
JTIV-200 IP Video Camera,can connect to software direction,not need to add another DVR Video Server.Save money.and control easy.

RFID tags42.45GHz RFID tags
JT ID-62 Intelligent tags
Can't be copy,easy to use,hands free system.
CR2032 battery,1pcs work lift >2years
Also can used for remote control.Light Control.

vehicle-counting-detector5Vehicle detector
JTLD-100 Enhanced loop detector will trigger barrier gate to close automatically after vehicle complete passed through,Self-tuning range:20-2000UH

traffic barrier gate6Traffic barrier gate
JTBG-630 1.2s,3s,6s be selected; Arm 3-6m; The clutch on pendulum axis, barrier boom upped quickly by hand underPower status, rest automatically when power off.

parking-management-Cashier-Station7Cashier Station
PM800CCP Cashier Station is a PC based POS computer in JUTAI parking system.It supports Mifare IC card as parking tickets and provides a manned payment service for a parking facility.
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