Solution 1(CP1):1-5Meters 2.45GHz Long Range Parking Access System.
Solution 2(CP2):1-10Meters 2.45GHz Long Range Parking Control System.
Solution 3(CP3):0.7-1.2Meters EM card Mid Range Parking Access System.

Long range rfid parking system:
System include:Long range reader,RFID tags,Traffic barrier gate, Loop detector,Parking access control system.
long range rfid parking system

JT offer total solution for long range parking access system – long range reader, access controller and software with CCTV picture capture integration. JT solution is optimized to achieve more convenient usage, faster pass through rate and higher security level at more affordable cost. You can start to enjoy the benefit of JT automation technology.
long range parking system
Advance than infrared:
1.The tags not need adjust the angle.
2.Our 2.45GHz reader housing is casting aluminium.the infared housing is steel or ABS.
3.Work with our LD-100 high speed vehicle detector.then can be faster pass.
4.Competitive prices.factory prices.

long range reader parking system

Compared to All of the world system, JT mid range lift access system can allow everyone to truly enjoy the benefit and convenient of long range reader at a very low price. JT is Factory,Can give you good supply.

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