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ShenZhen JUTAI JTEC-16 series elevator control broad is main for elevator hierarchical control and personnel access control The user must hold the relative card and card ID be read automatically by JTAE-26 dual frequency hands free reader, and people can go to the assigned floor after elevator judge the card is valid.
Support up to 26000 cards and 100000 records. Additional extension control board to support 64 floors in max.The operator can set 64 groups different time zone and specify which floor and when the user can access.

Traditional Access Control System: 
mid range control system

How It Works:
the control system work with our passive RFID Tags,can be read from 1-3Meters.you can put the tags in your bag,not need to looking for the card,also not need to flash the tags.it is automatic.

mid range rfid lift management system

The System Parts:

mid range reader1Mid Range Reader
JT AE-26 It is MID range and Short range Reader inside
Read distance:1-3M
The card can't be copy.
The Card also can work with Long Range reader
lift control system2Lift Control System
JT EC-1616A can control 16 floors lift,max is 64 floors.
work with our MID range& Short Range Reader.
Not need to looking for the card everyday. View more..

RFID tags32.45GHz RFID tags
JT ID-62 Intelligent tags
Can't be copy,easy to use,hands free system.
CR2032 battery,1pcs work lift >2years
Also can used for remote control.Light Control.

Access software is free4Access Software
JT AC-26000 software display live picture captured and record event log of each entry and exit.s

Compared to All of the world system, JT mid range lift access system can allow everyone to truly enjoy the benefit and convenient of long range reader at a very low price. JT is Factory,Can give you good supply.

lift control system connect

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