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915MHz Long range RFID parking system

The long range RFID parking system includes: 2 sets of Long range RFID reader(915Mhz), 1 set of 2-lane parking access controller(RS485), RS232/485 converter, 1 parking lot management software( professional design for parking lot system ), SQL2005 database, which can handle 1 entrance & 1 exit parking lot. 

This system allows vehicles freely passing through by RFID tags(EPC G2 tag, passive, no built-in battery), in another word, the barrier gate could be raised up automatically when vehicle approaches and away at about a few meters, such as 5-7 meters(module number: GKA9805), 10-15 meters(module number: GKA9810), so vehicles can quickly pass through without slow down. 

The parking access controller could work with PC or without PC, which means once you finish updating the parameters in controller, you could remove the computer connection, or if you need collecting parking events, you could connect with PC and upload data from controller to PC database.

The parking controller has built-in clock chip and data FLASH, which means the offline RFID parking system has clock memory and could stop access control of any vehicle when it is expired and he doesn’t continue his membership, such as weekly, monthly, yearly membership vehicles, the controller itself could store about 20,000 events(expandable), taking 600 vehicles/day for example, customer may download events from controller to computer every month. 

It is recommended the RFID tag to be placed behind the area of rear mirror on front windscreen, this is because the passive tag cannot penetrate through anti-sunshine film, another benefit of long range RFID parking system is that driver has no need to stretch out the arms to show the card thus it is convenient during rainy day. 

The option of Global Keyaccess® RFID tags include: card, sticker, rain wiper tag, card’s size is 84*56*0.76mm, it needs a card holder(with backside sticker) to be placed on front windscreen of vehicle, default sticker’s size is 84*56mm, it has common and anti-tear-off 2 modules, anti-tear-off sticker means the stickers cannot be used again once it is removed, rain wiper tag is a long narrow black tag and can be tied on rain wiper, it is water proof so it can be used out of vehicles, this type of tag could be chosen when above 2 types are not reading efficiently. 

The additional functions of parking access controller are LED display, voice prompt, by these means, it could warmly remind users with important information by LED or speaker, such as 3 days to be expired, illegal card rejected etc.

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