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RFID Takes a Ride on School Busses?

Schools Out, Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

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Schools Out, Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

“4-year-old left on school bus”. Headlines like this one from the September 3, 2010 issue of the Joliet, IL Herald-News seem to be repeated several times every

year. Imagine the panic experienced by a four year old who thought they were going home, but find themselves in the bus parking lot hours later. Imagine the feeling

a parent has when their child does not get off the bus at their designated stop. Not to mention the resulting calls for the resignation of otherwise responsible
rfid for school bus system

school bus drivers and law suits filed against schools.

To help avoid frightening and potentially costly mistakes like these, several school systems have deployed or are considering RFID-enabled solutions to help monitor

children when they are traveling to and from school on busses. Through the combination of RFID tags placed on students' backpacks and equipping school busses with

RFID readers, schools can monitor student movement and automate in-transit attendance. By combining the data form RFID readers with data from GPS tracking devices

that are already installed on most busses, school administrators can look up the ID number of a specific student, find out what bus they boarded, the location of that

bus, and whether they exited the bus or not. Some systems even send text alerts to parents, letting them know when their child gets on and off a bus and provide an

online view of the busses while en route.

Privacy Concerns

The adoption of RFID by the education markets comes with privacy concerns. Some parents object to electronically tracking their children’s whereabouts, suggesting

that it might compromise their privacy. Despite the fact that passive RFID tags carry little information about the person carrying them and are unable to transmit

signals over long distances, these concerns are well founded and must be addressed by solution providers and schools alike.

With the right privacy safeguards in place, in emergency situations or as part of a standard transportation attendance process, RFID-enabled solutions can help

schools do more efficiently and effectively what they’re already doing manually. And, in the case of tracking children on school busses, puts parents' nerves at


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Would you be open to your child’s school implementing an RFID-enabled system to monitor and report your child’s whereabouts? While mistakes happen, I can’t think

of one parent, teacher, or school administrator who would want to be caught up in the headlines.

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