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RFID distance vehicle identification + license plate recognition system-a new generation of intelligent parking management system
The national economic construction development and comprehensive strength to improve the car industry laid the foundation for the development of the high speed, and the improvement of people's living standard to make the car into homes to become a reality, people have walked into a car era. The people's travel bring convenient also resulted in the city's traffic congestion and pollution to the environment and destruction, but also generated the solutions to these problems are the vehicle management technology of booming development, such as vehicle real-time monitoring, urban parking management, ETC (Electronic Collection) at Electronic charge system, AEI (Identification) Automatic Equipment correlate device recognition system, and so on.
Radio frequency identification (RFID) as fast, real-time and accurate information collection and processing of the high technology and new technology, as a traditional vehicle of the measures for the management of upgrades and complement, meet the accelerating pace of life in today's vehicle management of the request.
The RFID system is the use of induction, radio waves or microwave energy no contact two-way communication, realizing the information acquisition and data exchange automatic identification technology.
The RFID system use radar reflection principle, read and write device through the antenna to electronic tag a microwave inquires, electronic tags are reading and writing signal the microwave energy activation, accept to microwave signal response and sent out after the vehicle data with information of the echo signal. The reading and writing to receive the RFID tags signal after these vehicles, the decoder is by reading and writing to resolve the various information related to the vehicle, and to establish the reading and writing sensor and RFID tags communications, analyze the information of vehicle again through the computer processing, achieve the purpose of the automatic recognition of vehicles.
Vehicle electronic label installed in the vehicle windscreen or container car (metal tag) car body, in the vehicle channel or parking lot for RFID, speaking, reading and writing gateway installation. In normal work, when vehicles through reading and writing, reading and writing for a prompt, will the marked success, the automatic recognition of reading and writing will read the information transmission to the entrance of the MCU microprocessor control machine, realize the vehicles in information collection and the temporary vehicles pay cost, and through the control way of equipment such as channel control is complete.
rfid parking system reader
RFID technology applied to vehicles in and out management system basically has the following characteristics: identify distance is not less than 6 meters, 1-10 meters in between adjustable; Can be reliably identify static or high-speed moving target; Can also identify different number of rf card; Signal penetration and strong power of diffraction; Information security and privacy high; High level of integration, good compatibility, communication simple and quick; Cost-effective, easy to install and maintain.

Vehicle license plate recognition system
Vehicle license plate recognition system is based on dynamic target video detection, automatic image processing, fuzzy recognition technology as the foundation of the automatic equipment identification system, widely used in highway vehicles real-time monitoring, urban parking management, ETC (Electronic) Electronic Toll Collection at the system and other fields, for the traffic management and administrative law enforcement, the stop charging holes, prevent vehicles DaoQiang, improve the efficiency of management of vehicle to provide strong technical support.
Vehicles of vehicle license plate recognition system is the only and the license number of the different this feature, no impact on the state of the vehicle, through the camera's image, from a group of video sequence or an image in automatically extract the image segmentation, character, and character recognition, so as to achieve ? license plate
long range parking system
The modern intelligent parking management system has been widely used in residential district, municipal public parking lot, government departments, enterprises, hospital, school, and other units of the car out management and charge the management in the use of the user, in the process, considering the project owner of consideration and function of cost requirements, the system use the card and the image contrast driver complete car out of the way the identification and video monitoring, that is, through the officer on duty in the export of the vehicles in the car park of artificial in and out of the image matching, to decide whether to release;
But, this kind of means and can not be automatically determine what they charge card number and pulled out of the vehicle is consistent, especially for the only card in and out on the unattended parking lot of internal, and in this way it is difficult to ensure the safety of the car parking; For important enterprise and government departments, in and out of traffic demand higher consistency, car card.
In the modern parking management system of application
At present, more and more the vehicle management system USES distance RFID way realization of information, read for vehicle internal fixation of the vehicles, because do not need parking management can be achieved vehicle access control, make it big by user's welcome. Many cities of the bridge or tunnel vehicle fee system, have the RFID technology to realize the automatic annual fee paid vehicle without a stop release, because this kind of city all the vehicles installed the vehicle electronic tags, some of the parking lot of the existing electronic label for vehicle going out and charge management, so as to realize the resource share city vehicle management, summarized the way for:
A handheld RFID reader, through the original electronic label information vehicle read down this parking lot, entry fee management in the computer system, instead of normal ID/IC card, implement internal management of vehicle.
Second, for a temporary parking vehicles, system of vehicle is at the top of the channel RFID device automatic reading and writing the vehicle electronic tags to read information, as the record store record of the vehicle in charge management in the computer system; Vehicles of the stage, system RFID device automatic reading and writing the vehicle electronic tag read out information, and the vehicle with the information to determine the differences, temporary vehicles in the parking lot of the parking time and should expend amount, instead of the traditional "take temporary card or temporary ticket way of vehicles for the administration to complete temporary.
But, above RFID in parking management over long distances are applied in the system because it has the following questions, making them unable to achieve
The expected effect.

A, modern RFID radio frequency identification technology, while the development of has been very mature, but because of the inherent characteristics of rf signal, make RFID sensor and vehicle electronic tag reading between the two-way communication because of the metal shielding, rain, electromagnetic interference (such as the mobile phone base station near the interference, electronic equipment, the interference of vehicle speed, etc) and external environment condition the influence and interference to make the electronic label information literacy effect to sell at a discount greatly, which cannot be read or misreading some vehicles, electronic label information parking management system can't complete vehicle identification and control.
Second, some non-local vehicles with no install this city of electronic tag these vehicles, vehicle in a parking lot into the vehicle management system can't for this kind of vehicle implementation of automatic vehicle identification and normal management, still need human intervention, limiting distance RFID technology in parking management system of application.

The vehicle license plate recognition system, better able to make up for the long distance RFID technology parking management system exists
Vehicle recognition vulnerabilities and shortage, for not installed electronic label of non-local vehicles, will plate as a vehicle identification, through the vehicle license plate recognition system in and out of the parking lot, extraction of vehicle license plate as a record, and as the parking charge basis, with general ? license plate
No unified installation urban construction of electronic label car parking management system, internal fixation for vehicles with RFID RFID technology license plate recognition and the way of the combination of the complete vehicle identification; And for a temporary vehicles, is through the vehicle license plate recognition means to realize the vehicles for the administration temporary.


RFID distance vehicle identification system + license plate recognition system, the radio frequency identification and video identification with the combination of general automatic
Don't system successfully applied to the city the vehicle management, instead of traditional internal fixed vehicle and temporary charge cars management system, will become a new generation of intelligent parking management system of the new development trend, and get a wide range of applications.

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