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Name:Microwave Vehicle Detector

loop detector Vehicle Sensor Features:
JUTAI is designed to accommodate numerous applications, can be adjusted intelligently to any environments and virtually eliminating false detection.
On the front panel, the four selectable loop frequencies (20~80 KHz) can completely eliminate any crosstalk.
If intermittence happen or failed loops get self-healed, the detector will resume to normal operation without manually reset the detector.

traffic analysis,Vehicle counter,parking vehicle management,ETC fast pass,ETC way.

JTPR-52 hands free parking reader reading range is (3-5 meters, inside of the vehicle, we use V-KOOL 40 testing.),and connect to JUTAI parking control broad by TCP/IP connect to computer directly, no need additional convertor, which is very easy and convenient for the user. If customers select 2.45G card, in rainy day no need to wind down windows, no need use your hands to take card, totally hands free solution.

The principle diagram of the parking system
vehicle sensor for parking

EURO 11-pin connect

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